Friday, December 25, 2020

An Army Doctor's First Loss of the Vietnam War NYTimes Magazine



 An Army Doctor’s First Loss of the Vietnam War: The Woman He Loved        Jeffrey L. Brown   February 13, 2020        

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                                         Jeffrey Brown, Cu Chi 1966


I was 26 when I was sent to Vietnam, along with 2.7 million men and women of my generation. As an infantry battalion surgeon, I cared for soldiers’ wounds and helped treat their pain — but for me, going to war was also tied to the distress of leaving my first love. I was a doctor and she was a licensed practical nurse at a hospital in Hartford, Conn. Our work had brought us together. Going to war would break us apart.


Jeffrey Brown is a retired physician who teaches as a medical school professor. He has written several published books and many articles. While serving in Vietnam as a combat Army doctor, he was awarded a Combat Medical Badge and the Bronze Star Medal for Valor.

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